Why 2021 Will Be the Biggest Year for Trade Shows and Conventions

It’s already nearing the end of August, and businesspeople in all industries and markets are realizing that the conferences, trade shows, and conventions that they look forward to every year are just not happening in 2020. Even though many of these events are being taken online, some will still not be ready until next year.

That means that 2021 isn’t just going to be a big year for in-person trade shows. It’s also going to be a great year for virtual shows. There will be more new products, more new technology, and more fun and educational experiences next year than ever before, regardless of your industry.

Before the coronavirus hit, 2020 was already expecting a lot of great advancements in all types of sustainable technology. But with the new challenges being presented this year, some of those advancements are being further altered and advanced.

While you’ll still get the major news for your industry this year, if you want hands on demonstrations or in-person panels, you’ll have to wait until next year. 

And if next year brings more of the same? Virtual trade shows in 2021 could be even more interesting, as technology is developed to meet the unique challenges of a global economy on the brink of disaster.

If you need to schedule your own trade show, conference, or convention for 2021, contact us today to book.

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