What Pandemic Predictions for the Rest of 2020 Mean for Event Planning

Is COVID ever going to go away? Probably not. Scientists and researchers are predicting that COVID-19 is probably here to stay, like the flu. What will end the pandemic is a vaccine and enough people immune to slow and finally almost eliminate the threat. But until that happens, there are going to continue to be surges in cases, and in-person events are going to be very restricted for some time.

So what does this mean for event planners? Attendee or guest lists and everything related, from the catering to the flowers, is going to need to be modified. Your clients hosting the event are going to have to make some hard decisions, and it could delay things somewhat. Here are some other considerations.

Number of appropriate attendees or guests may change without notice.

One of the challenges in event planning during a pandemic is that there really is no way of knowing what will happen from one day to the next. Measures could be lifted one day and reinstated a month later. So how do you plan for a certain number of guests when you don’t know how many guests there will be?

Modifying or eliminating meal self-service

Often, events serve the meal as a self-service buffet, but these are being highly discouraged by health officials. Instead, talk to your vendor about modifying your contract to include wait staff to  distribute the meals as in a restaurant. Keep in mind that this is going to increase your bill with the caterer.

Providing PPE

It really isn’t that attractive to wear a boring surgical mask or cloth covering during your events, but such measures are necessary and required by law at the state level. If you want to make PPE seem like a more normal part of your event, you might consider offering disposable masks customized with your event logo. We can help you make such arrangements.

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