Unique Challenges of Event Planners Moving Forward

The global pandemic has impacted everyone, but event planners are facing some unique challenges. With everything up in the air, there is no guarantee of when events might be held without restrictions. Planning ahead is necessary, but so is being flexible in case of postponement. Here are some of the challenges of event planners going forward until the pandemic ends.

Social Distancing

If you want to make sure that your event doesn’t get cancelled, you’ll have to keep in mind social distancing and potential mask requirements. Your attendees should be at least six feet apart, unless they are part of the same household, department, or company. This can require some careful planning as you try to keep groups who came together sitting together, with distance between each group. Especially if each group or table is of a different size, it requires special planning with both seating arrangements and venue.

Mask Requirements

Most locations are only requiring masks if you are not able to social distance. But for most events, it is going to be difficult to maintain social distancing the entire time. Your guests should probably come prepared with a mask to be used when they are in close proximity to others. While in organized seating or at a table, guests should not be required to wear masks. You need to make sure you plan things accordingly, including notifying attendees of mask requirements.

Uncertainty of the Future

No one really knows how long this pandemic is going to last. There really aren’t any answers as to how to effectively treat or prevent COVID-19. And until there are, the future is uncertain. If you don’t want to have your event now, you could have to reschedule more than once until things open back up as normal. Without knowing what lies ahead, planning anything for a specific date can be nearly impossible.

If you are looking to host an event during this time, we can assist you with vendors and venues that will allow for social distancing and the safety of your guests. Contact us today for more information.

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