Top Questions to Ask Your Event Planner

Every event planner expects to be bombarded with questions, both at the first meeting and throughout the entire process. After all, you are hiring an event planner because you recognize that you don’t know how to go about organizing and hosting an event. However, it is important to have a basic understanding of what it entails so that you can ask the right questions. Here are some of the most popular questions to ask event planners.

Do you take on more than one event at a time?

It is very important to ask your event planner if they take on more than one event at a time. If so, you need to know how they handle multiple events to make sure that all events go off successfully. Some event planners use assistants to help them manage multiple events. If you are okay with a loosely supervised assistant, that might be an option, but often people want the actual talent working their event.

Will you be attending the event?

Some event planners use assistants to attend and manage events on the actual day of the event because they have multiple clients at one time. If your event planner does use assistants, make sure that they are going to be available on their own time for your event. You don’t want your event in the hands of amateurs.

Do you have vendor contacts/contracts?

If the event planner has vendor contacts, it could save you a bit of trouble. However, you don’t want to be locked into using the event planner’s vendors either. Make sure you ask not only if they have vendor contacts, but if they have contracts with them requiring you to use them.

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