Top Apps to Help You Plan Your Event

Even if you hire an event planner, planning and managing an event can be quite the chore. The only way to get through this process is to make sure that you are as organized as possible. Mobile apps can be a great way to do that. You can make your notes and updates from anywhere, at any time, and you can instantly share that information with whoever needs to know.

If you are working with an event planner, they may have an app that they recommend or that they primarily use. If you can, working with your event planner on this will help make things go more smoothly. Otherwise, here are a few of the best event planning apps.


Asana is highly recommended because it allows you to invite people to your event planning meetings and assign them tasks. Everyone can update and access vendor lists, guest lists, and plans. This is a great way to keep everyone connected and informed, as well as to stay very organized with everything in one place.


For smaller events, 24Me is a great app, especially if you are not working with an event planner. This app will help you keep organized with everything in one place. It’s very helpful for keeping track of everything, but there isn’t any integration to share with an event planner.


Blossom is actually a project management app, but it works great for event planning as well. On Blossom, you can invite people to join and share information, task lists, and the like. You can do just as much or more with this app than you can with Asana, which is the industry recommended app. And if you are only planning one event, you can use Blossom for future projects of other types.

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