Southern Georgia Convention Center Postponement Leaves Event Planners Scrambling

Southern Georgia has been promised a new convention center for decades, and it was most recently on the board to be built within the next two years. Unfortunately, the pandemic has changed all of that, and plans for the convention center have been halted again.

Why indefinitely postpone the project?

The convention center really isn’t something that is needed right now. Public gatherings of that size have been prohibited. Even though they will be overbooking events when the pandemic ends and it would be good to be prepared, there are other things to consider. For example, some of the funds allocated for this convention center have been redistributed to assist small businesses in the area.

What do you do now?

Were you planning conventions and conferences for the southern Georgia convention center for the next two years? If so, we can help you alter your plans to make them work with other event venues, such as ours in northern Florida.
Contact us today to schedule a consultation to see if we can assist you in planning your events for 2021.

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