Should You Postpone Your Event Until After the Crisis Is Lifted?

The current pandemic has many people worried about holding their events, whether it be a wedding, corporate event, charity event, or community event. Everyone is carefully considering whether or not they should postpone. The fact is that the future of the pandemic is completely unknown, and postponing may not create a better situation. Here are some other things to consider.

Ability to Social Distance

How large is your event? Events of over 250 people are highly discouraged, although regulations allow venues to operate at half capacity regardless of size. Are you able to keep everyone six feet apart? If not, will you require masks at your event as recommended by the Florida Department of Health? Are you perhaps able to pare down the guest list so that you have fewer people in a concentrated area? 

Health and Safety of Your Guests

Are many of your attendees part of high-risk populations such as immunosuppressed, chronically ill, and the elderly? If so, you may want to consider postponing your event. However, if your high-risk attendees are tech savvy or can get assistance, you may be able to hold the event in person and live online at the same time to accommodate everyone.

Economic Impact

Consider carefully the economic impact of your event on your attendees and the community. If you have attendees coming from out of state, you will have to follow strict Florida guidelines about quarantine for travelers. This could cost you or your guests several hundred dollars as they pay for additional time lodging in the state to meet quarantine standards. Travel in general is also becoming more difficult and generally discouraged.

If you are needing help adjusting your event to meet new coronavirus guidelines, contact us today for more information or to get assistance.

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