Need to Postpone Your Event? Here’s Your Rescheduling Checklist

The pandemic has made everything uncertain. As the crisis has progressed, many people have tried to keep their events on the books, hoping for a more positive outcome in the near future. But more and more, that is seeming to be an impossibility. Almost all events have been cancelled for 2020. If you are needing to add your event to that list, here are some rescheduling tasks you want to make sure you don’t forget.

Contact the venue first

Do this even before you decide on a date to reschedule. There are so many events being rescheduled for next year that most venues are filling up fast for the next two years or more. Waiting lists are being formed and growing longer by the day. Make sure you know what date you are able to have your event before you spend a lot of time rescheduling everything.

Talk to your vendors

Most vendors are more than happy to keep your deposit for services at a future date. Those vendors are hurting just as much as any other event-related business, and they can’t really afford to give back deposits. They will more than likely be willing to work with whatever date you give them.

Reach out to your guests

If you’ve already sent out invitations for your event, you should contact your guests immediately. Most people today have a social media presence for their event. You can use those platforms to notify your guests of the rescheduled date. If you don’t have the ability to contact them digitally, send a postcard in the mail as soon as you can so they can change their plans.

Make adjustments as necessary

In a perfect world, all of your event planning would be able to just be moved to a later date. Unfortunately, the reality is that not all vendors and venues can work together on the same date. Be prepared to make adjustments in vendors or services depending on what is available.

If you need help rescheduling your event, contact us today for assistance.

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