Large or Small? How the Size of the Guest List Affects Your Wedding Planning

The size of your guest list directly affects your wedding planning in a number of ways. It is very rare that a bride and groom don’t have to trim down their guest list. While you want the whole world to be there to witness the culmination of your love for each other, it is simply impossible to invite everyone. Here are some of the ways that having too large of a guest list can affect your wedding planning.


The bigger your guest list, the bigger the expense. If you have a large guest list, you have to rent a bigger venue for the wedding and reception, which will cost more. You will also be paying to feed all of those guests. If you are planning on offering wedding favors, more guests means more expense there, as well.

Venue Selection

Not every venue is well suited to a large guest list. If you have a venue in mind, you need to make sure that your guest list does not exceed its capacity. It is a good idea to plan your guest list to be less than capacity for your venue so that everyone isn’t too crowded.


The size of your guest list affects the ambiance or feel of your wedding. If you have a small number of guests, the wedding will seem more intimate and friendly. If you have a large guest list, your event will be louder, more crowded, and more difficult to engage.

If you need help planning your wedding so that you can trim your guest list to the essentials, contact us today for more information.

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