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The following are selected project updates we are starting to work on here at Creekside Events. We have began work on Phase II of our operation and very excited about completing a number of projects that will make our site one of the most unique sites in Florida, if not throughout the entire South Eastern  United States.

We have completed the purchase of two additional cabooses from the former Chessie/CSX Train Lines. Once moved to our location reconditioning will begin and additional cars are to be added. Expedited complication date of the refurbishment of these cars is January 31st , 2020
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Darrell Kirby on right.

Phase 1:

Creekside Events of Florida started out as a dream that Zenen’s daughter had for her wedding. Never did she think that it would turn out the way it did. Zenen and his team created an event venue from scratch. This job was completed in March of 2019. This was just the start for Creekside Events of Florida.

Phase 2A:

Once the team completed Phase One ending in a successful wedding, Zenen’s vision continued to grow concerning Creekside Events of Florida. One day, Zenen and Eddie (project manager) brainstormed the idea of having a train theme incorporated with the venue. This idea came to fruition with the purchase of three cabooses from the former Chessie/CSX Train Lines. These cabooses are already on site and are in the phase of reconditioning.

Phase 2B:

Along with the cabooses, an approximately 5,000 square foot sheltered pavilion will be on site for events to happen in unpredictable Florida weather. To complete Phase Two the team will be constructing an outdoor wedding chapel with seating capacity for approximately 400 guests. This picturesque chapel will be one of the major highlights of Creekside Events of Florida. Expedited completion date of the refurbishment of the cabooses, pavilion, and wedding chapel is mid 2020.

Wedding Chapel Site

Phase 3:

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