Don’t Put Off Rescheduling Activities for 2021 Events

Did you have to postpone a 2020 event due to COVID-19? If so, you should not wait to reschedule your event for 2021. Even though we do not really know what to expect in the coming months or years, it is better to reschedule now and have to cancel again than to wait for news to schedule. Here are some reasons you need to act swiftly.

Vendor Deposits

If your 2020 event date has already come and gone, you have a pretty good idea of which vendors are going to refund your deposit and which ones are going to hold it for the event upon rescheduling. If you want to use the vendor when you eventually hold your event, rescheduling right away ensures your deposit is still working for you and that you have the services you need when your event rolls around.

Fostering Hope

By rescheduling your events for 2021 right away, you are giving your event attendees a little glimmer of hope in a very difficult situation. By assuming that you will be able to hold your event, your optimistic attitude can change the attitudes of all who benefit from the event. 

Everyone Has Been Impacted

It is important to remember that everyone, globally, has been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic one way or another. More and more events are cancelled or postponed every day. You’re going to be competing with all of those people to get events scheduled and planned for 2021, in addition to the people who were already planning 2021 events.

Book Fast or Lose Out

Most event venues and vendors already had bookings for 2021 before the pandemic started. As events have been cancelled, most have decided to wait to reschedule due to uncertainty, but many other people are rescheduling their events now to secure their place on the calendar. If you wait too long to reschedule your event, you could lose out and have to reschedule for 2022 instead.

If you are ready to host your event or if you need to book for 2021 now, contact us for assistance.

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