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A Setting Like You Have Never Experienced for Your Company Events

A Setting Like You Have Never Experienced for Your Company Events

Relax and enjoy a different theme perhaps from your parents or grandparents time. A very private setting for a very special company like yours. When your mind is free and your ideas abound there is no limit to the success you can achieve.

A Setting Like You Have Never Experienced for Your Company Events

Every successful product is the fruit of hard work, and this applies to every field of business. Intuition alone is not enough to create a product that people will love and use. You also need to do your research, brainstorming, planning, all the while differentiating yourself from the pack. That is exactly what we have done here at Creekside Events of Florida. We have work very hard to provide you a venue that will stimulate creative thinking in you the CEO and your staff. We wanted to create a relaxed setting based on a subject you may not be all that familiar with. Something new like the ideas you are about to create here at our venue.

Planning for the Future

In our all new Corporate Meeting Facility here at Creekside we are planning to utilize our Wedding/Depot building as a multi use facility. Plans are in the works for a completely refurbished Club Car parked along side of the depot that will serve as a lounge and in the forward section the CEO’s private suite. Your very own private chef will serve breakfast, lunch, dinner as well as specialty plates to your company executives each day of your stay. We will also have six cabooses that will sleep around 12 to 18 people. If you have additional people there are a number of fine hotels very close by. You may elect to dine in the club car or be transported to a number of fine restaurant in Ybor City and the Tampa Bay area. Creekside’s planning will include a 1950’s Over the Road Commercial Passenger Bus converted to a limo configuration to take you and your party to dine or attend sporting events in the local areas. Tampa and St. Petersburg are home to the Bucks and Tampa Bay Rays as well as the Lightning. Check the news letter and event’s page for more information. .

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