Adapting Wedding Plans to a Smaller Crowd

With the pandemic shutting down venues, businesses, and even courthouses, the vast majority of couples with a scheduled wedding are having to cancel their plans and honeymoons. The state of Florida is under emergency stay-at-home orders, and the guidelines include restrictions on the number of people at a gathering. But you do have some options.

Option #1: Postpone your wedding by rescheduling for a later date. This may not be a good idea because bookings for 2021 are filling up very quickly as more and more people cancel their weddings.

Option #2: Cancel your wedding and reschedule after restrictions are lifted. Doing this could postpone your wedding for a couple of years because by the time you reschedule, everything will be overbooked.

Option #3: Cancel your wedding and elope. This may or may not be a viable option because many courthouses are closed and you may not be able to get an officiant or a marriage license.

Option #4: Change your plans and move forward with your wedding as scheduled. This may be the best option.

If you are considering adapting your wedding for a smaller group, there are several things that will require accommodations. 

  • Reduce the size of your guest list. If you are having an outdoor event, you can have more people present, but you still have to keep it to under 50 people total, including you, your spouse, and the wedding party.
  • Contact the caterer to reduce the amount of food. Most caterers are really struggling as events are being canceled, so they will likely be willing to work something out just to keep the gig. If your caterer is completely closed, you may need to find an open restaurant and switch vendors. Try to get individual meals rather than a buffet style.
  • Work with your venue to ensure that you can maintain social distancing and keep everyone as safe as possible. Think about whether or not you want your guests to wear masks or other PPE during the event.
  • Be flexible. Some vendors may be closed, and you might have to come up with alternatives. For example, if the bakery is currently closed, you can have a friend or family member make your cake.
  • Check with your local courthouse to see if you are able to obtain a marriage license. If the clerk’s office is closed, you may want to opt for a ceremony now and make it legal later.

If you need assistance in changing the structure and size of your wedding so that you don’t have to cancel altogether, we can assist you in making these adjustments. Contact us today for more information or to get started.

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